Monday, March 28, 2011

Whom Can I Cast My Burdens On?

Two days before Chinese New Year, my wife and I learnt from the doctor that she had breast cancer. She was devastated and so was I. My heart ached so much that I just had to share this piece of bad news with someone (other than my family) but whom can I cast this burden on?

I don't have many friends. A few friends whom I had valued highly had unfriended me, and not communicated with me for months (I still don't really know the reason why it happened), so I couldn't tell them. Thank God I still have a few other friends whom I still value highly but I couldn't bring myself to call them up because Chinese New Year was just two days away and I didn't want to spoil their celebratory mood.

In the end, I did sms one dear sister-in-grace, whom I know is a great encourager, to tell her about my wife's situation, and I'm really thankful for her as well as her husband's words of encouragement which I desperately needed to hear at that moment. However, after that sms, I did not update the dear sister-in-grace again because she was heavily pregnant at that time and due to give birth very soon. I expected her to be full of happy thoughts about her coming baby boy and I did not want to intrude with my less than happy news.

While your friends may stand in faith with you, it is only for a while because they have their own universe to take care of. A few "friends" somehow eventually heard about my wife's situation and sent me an sms but not a single person checked with me again to ask about her progress.

If you have read through my previous few posts, you will realize, as I eventually did, that the only friend you can really cast your burden on is Jesus. Because only He will not be burdened by your burdens, and only He can take away your burdens, for He is able to and truly does care.

I talked to Jesus and He responded through Pastor Prince's sermons which I had been listening and listening. A verse here, a prayer there, a testimony here, a snippet there, Jesus talked to my wife and me, encouraging us and reassuring us that Daddy God's hand is on the situation and He will carry us through this.

Thank Daddy God that my wife had a very successful lumpectomy, and she is recovering well. She still has to go through a radiotherapy treatment cycle consisting of 33 sessions over 6.5 weeks but we trust that Daddy God will protect her from all the side-effects which the therapist warned us about.

I am still talking to Jesus, casting my burdens on Him, trusting that He will continue to carry us, my wife especially, on His shoulders, even as I am writing this post, in the middle of the night, alone at the funeral wake of my wife's mother who passed away last Friday and will be cremated in a few hours' time.